Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bugis Health Centre-Ann

Today I arrived at BHC 11 morning and surprise one bro earlier than me. I think try Vivian. Is she wearing white today? Big boobs I must say.

Anyway did not have any booking so I let the recep choose for me.

I waited in the room 10 and was assigned a lian gal. I forgot whats her name.... I think its Ann and can any bro confirm this.

Anyway the massage was non existant and ask me not to waste time so straight away go for full course liaoz.

She strip to her pink G string and BJ me with hot tea and suction is OK. After that she used her breast to massage me and I say its quite small actually but overall the cat bath was good. I am rushing for time and is quite tired so choose 1 position only with her on time. She is very vigourous and I am very horny cos hearing vivian shouting next door so come after 10 mins of pumping

ANN (Lian Look talk alot, can any bros confirm thats her name)

Small A - B cups

Massage - non existant

BJ - 7/10

FJ -8/10

Looks 7/10 cos she and I about same age

She says she is from JB and works as a clerk previously

Sorry for the short and bad FR. Tried my best

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