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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bugis Health Centre-Vivian

FR on Vivian

Feeling horny today, I called Bugis at 11:05am and tried my luck in making a booking for Vivian (a girl I had noticed in you brothers' FRs for a long time!). The lady asked, 11:30am? No, too rushed for me. I thought bo liao... fully booked for today. Then I found out that there was a slot for 2:30pm. Mai tu liao!

Arrived at 2:25pm, but the lady at the counter with long hair told me to give Vivian 10 minutes. Incidentally, I was given Room 11, the room some of you had been discussing about earlier! (Yes I can confirm there's just a mattress there. I haven't seen any high bed in Bugis HC till date.) By the way, a brother called when I was waiting and I heard that Vivian had a full schedule but he managed to book her at 9:00pm. I wonder who he is.

Anyway, I was told to wait in the room but I headed for the washroom for PCC. I was actually taking the advice of a friend of mine who told me that since I have the habit of cumming very fast, I could wank myself off just before the session. Then I could tahan a bit longer during the bonk.

Then, I went to the room and had my shower. Honestly I was expecting something dramatic like what others had experienced, like being stripped of the towel by Vivian and given a BBBJ there and then, or being pushed onto the bed (sounds like kena raped). I was actually contemplating staying in the shower and timing my grand appearance in the towel with Vivian's arrival. But no, she arrived when I was still midway through my shower and I couldn't do anything funny. She asked the usual question about having tea and I had a peek at her. All I caught was her back and side view then I thought she looked gorgeous.

By the time she returned with the drink I was out. She actually thanked me for opening the stuck door (uneven carpet) for her. I was a little disappointed that nothing spectacular was happening. But before long, Vivian erupted into very long, infectious and girly laughter, covering her mouth with a towel. She had seen my underwear neatly folded and lying on the little stool, and commented how neat I was. I told her that yeah, I had other neater things on display at the sink (my wallet, watch, etc).

I took the opportunity to embrace her from behind, and the next 10 minutes or so, even while we were already into the massage, she kept saying how embarrassed she was to be so messy when she's a girl (I actually teased her, huh you're a girl meh?). Before she started doing anything, she made a call to a man (I thought then she was one of those unprofessional WLs who would make unimportant calls while on duty). How wrong I was. She explained later during the massage that her younger brother had just gotten his driving licence, she had asked her elder brother to give his car to him, and she had bought a new car for her elder brother. She had called him to give him instructions on car collection, etc. It was then I realised how much sacrifice she was making for her siblings.

Boy, this girl really knows massage. She really uses strength and knows where to apply the correct pressure at. And of course, she did the neck-cracking thing that made me a bit worried in the beginning.

Then the golden question came and I refused to answer, just looking sweetly at her. She asked why I kept looking at her like that and I relented, saying I wanted full course. So she stood up to get ready... And while I was standing in the buff next to her, she noticed a tiny lump on my chest (it was some black thingy lying under the skin). This thing had been with me for many years and I had never really cared much about it. But she proceeded to remove it. I was a little nervous at first, but she told me she did know something about beauty and she knew what she was doing. As she squeezed out the thing (I didn't know it could be squeezed out so easily!), she told me that if I didn't remove the impurity I would have to go for an operation later in life for something more serious. Furthermore, she said I had good complexion and skin, so don't let this thing spoil it. As she performed this little gesture I realised what a kind heart she had. I told her she hen2 you3 ai4 xin1, and thanked her profusely.

Soon it was time for the thing that I was there for. I thought she would ask me to help her remove her clothes and bra but it didn't happen. She helped herself and soon she was on me. She played with my didi for a while and soon it found its way into her mouth (she didn't even ask if I wanted to use a cap). I would normally not go for a BBBJ in an HC but I could see right from the start that this was a girl who not only had a caring heart but also took care of her hygiene, so I did not reject. I had never had such a good BBBJ. I won't say her skill was the best, but I don't know how to describe it... The experience today was so wonderful. While I was still hard, she told me to work on her as she lay down. I played hard to get and claimed I didn't know what to do. "Just massage my breasts," she told me, but I wanted her to guide my hand along. Soon I was at it and she gave some fake moans.

When the time was right, she tore open the condom wrapper with her teeth and proceeded to cap me. I was in her... I made sure I gave some strong thrusts. I'm quite sure that while some of the moans were fake, I did evoke some real moans from her as I thrust hard at certain times. First time I heard a girl moan so loudly in an HC...

I requested to change into the cowgirl position but when I pulled myself out of her, I realised I had not eaten her pussy yet. So I gave her a short paintjob (and tasted strawberry in the meantime ) but by the time I was done I was already soft. She played with my didi a bit and made me enter her in missionary for a second time (to make sure it stayed hard) before we finally switched to cowgirl.

I loved it when she was on top. I could see her breasts clearly and a couple of times I sat up to hug her and to suck her breasts. I was so glad I was able to stay hard for so long (trust me, I normally come within half a minute of penetration), thanks to my friend's advice. Vivian worked hard, thrusting herself forwards and backwards until I finally came. I thought she didn't notice as she continued pushing for a while, but after I told her to stop ("Ke yi le la... Wo yi jing lai le!") she claimed that she already knew from my expression earlier that I had come. And she asked, "Come liao, must immediately stop meh?" Hmmm...

Vivian went to wash up. I have a habit of following WL to the washroom and as I stood watching her, she said "Ni yao kan wo xiao bian..." and before I knew it, a sprout had emerged from her pussy. First time I had a seen a girl urinating standing up "live". I looked at her lovingly for a while more before I asked if I could join her. "Dang ran ke yi!" was the reply. So I moved in. Vivian proceeded to soap me but I told her to go ahead to wash herself first.

As I was drying myself she was proceeding to bring the laundry out and to report at the desk, instructing me to answer the call if the phone rang and tell the recep that she had already left. But the recep called there and then. It turned out that we had exceeded our time by 5 minutes. Coupled with the 5-minute delay from the preceding customer, the next brother (3:15pm) had to wait for an extra 10 minutes. Sorry to whichever brother it was.


Name: Vivian
Looks: 7/10 (got some pockmarks on her face)
Body: 8/10
Boobs: 8/10 (B+, rather than C as I had thought)
GF Feeling: 9/10
Attitude: 10/10
RTF: Yes, definitely

Vivian is easily the HC girl with the best attitude I have come across. Through what I had seen and experienced, this is truly a girl with a great heart. May God/spirits/the universe/whoever bless her and bring her out of this line soon so she can lead a decent life.

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Bugis Health Centre-Ivy

Ivy - Brown Sugar

drifted into BHC late last evening.
didn't have anyone in mind, so counter recommended Ivy.

LOOK - not fantastic looking, but the exotic difference of a brown sugar in her low cut dress look tempting enough for me as she enters the door.

CONVERSATION - speaking english is quite a refeshing change for me. it was also clever of her to slip in the fact that i was the last customer and she being human, was tired and looking forward to go home

MASSAGE - massage was done mainly on the back and was average hc standard.

OTHER SERVICES - after the flip to the front, massage groin area a little as she does her inspection before asking GQ. i asked what she offered and she replied ONLY FJ - clever answer. So, 'willingly forced' to accept the only offer on the mattress.
Had BJ with cap, feeling so so but she makes sure you can see her BJing you. she look real good BJing and i think that stimulated me mentally more than physically.
she asked to be FJ missionary. i agreed and let her laid down as i enjoyed how her young body look and feel. work on her breast and notice she got tiny firm nipples, a different senstaion fondling with them. wanted to move on to penetration but was slightly limp.
she offered to BJ from where she was lying down. moved up to her face and shaft it into her lips. it definitely look and feel great doing that.
missionary penetration was usual. after awhile, switch to sitting up. normally this pos is quite nice for me, but she wasn't very responsive.
Decided to changed to doggie instead. penetration feeling was much better but the topper must have been the frontal reflection in the mirror. you can see her face as you ram her and ...release soon after.

GF FEELING - she doesn't project herself as those super sweet service which is can be quite fake, but instead show a kind of wildness (maybe it's her brown heritage) behind her pleasant services. yet she ask before she does anything - kind of overly polite but was nicely done.

OVERALL - was indeed refreshing having a brown sugar. tempted to RTF not for the pysical activities but rather the exotic variety it offers. Felt that there was not enough effort put in. Would mitigate that with the fact that i was her last customer for the day (clever of her to make me feel that way)

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Author: simpplesimon
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Bugis Health Centre-Cat

FR on Cat

Kept reading about her in BHC so decided to try her about a week ago.

Was very lucky as I only had to wait another 20min till my turn. So went to the Steam room first before given the room.

When she entered, I realised y many bros say that she look like ng hui. her eyes. very friendly and smiling always.

she proceeded to wipe my back and then got me to lie down.

the massage wasn't that fantastic thou. then about 10mins she asked th GQ. since was very horny, chose the FR.

Immediately, she did her cat bath on me from my back. So sexy and i pulled up her skirt to have a look at her ass and legs. my didi became even more excited.

she then proceeded to have me sit up and then we frenched as she slowly removed her dress. love her figure and her smooth legs. she then got me to lie on my back and started to kiss my chest slowly making her way down. she den started to suck on my balls and kept looking at me. followed by AR. her tongue was fantastic. she then went on to BBBJ me. Was so outta this world.. she would lick my didi. THen stop at the tip of my rod and suck real hard on it. bliss.

then it was time for the real thing. she put the cap on me and we started to do it missionary. as i pumped her, i continued to french her. really GFE. totally love it as she would continue to gaze in your eyes as you pump her. decided to change to doggy and immediately she was in the position.

I realised finally what the bros mean when this position is a killer. it is the fastest way to cum. but at least managed to hang on for some time before coming. She was happy too and laughing as she said that her legs were like going to break as she cannot hold that position too long.

Looks: 5/10 - not my type but nice eyes
Body: 7/10 - breasts size just nice and love that pair of legs and ass
Massage: 5/10 - piano playing
BBBJ: 8/10 - great suction and licking
FJ: 9/10 - like doing it with GF
RTF: Maybe but need to try Cindy first

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Bugis Health Centre-Ann

Today I arrived at BHC 11 morning and surprise one bro earlier than me. I think try Vivian. Is she wearing white today? Big boobs I must say.

Anyway did not have any booking so I let the recep choose for me.

I waited in the room 10 and was assigned a lian gal. I forgot whats her name.... I think its Ann and can any bro confirm this.

Anyway the massage was non existant and ask me not to waste time so straight away go for full course liaoz.

She strip to her pink G string and BJ me with hot tea and suction is OK. After that she used her breast to massage me and I say its quite small actually but overall the cat bath was good. I am rushing for time and is quite tired so choose 1 position only with her on time. She is very vigourous and I am very horny cos hearing vivian shouting next door so come after 10 mins of pumping

ANN (Lian Look talk alot, can any bros confirm thats her name)

Small A - B cups

Massage - non existant

BJ - 7/10

FJ -8/10

Looks 7/10 cos she and I about same age

She says she is from JB and works as a clerk previously

Sorry for the short and bad FR. Tried my best

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Author: Love_FUCK
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Bugis Health Centre-Cindy

Smoked, sauna away one hour ... trying to guess which is Cindy, Vivien, Cat. Oni saw one auntie with big boobs with big but sunken eyes (at least at my age standards, looks aunyish) ... hmm .... Mental note "If that is Vivien, might not try so fast" .... a lot of young things walking around ... bros know who are the youngish ladies besides Cindy n Cat?

Saw a girl with big pretty eyes like Huang Hui ... but got some buck tooth n a mole ... doesnt look SYT by my standards either ... but pleasant ... 210pm, my turn, went in room

Ya, I was correct ... that was Cat ... abit disappointed, but never mind. My serious goody-2-shoes looks must have unsettled her ... either that or she's unwell ... she did not seem so friendly .... everything seemed SOP ... massage massage massage .... not really zhai ... not much strength or sexyness .... but must commend Cat:
a) Good attitude
b) Very smooth skin
c) Cute dress sense (in a pinkish top n short skirt)

Kept admiring her in mirror ... pleasant, but not the type who wld attract me ... but kept enjoying her smooth skin as she moved by me ... finally popped the GQ ... "I want fj"
Cat "Fj 100 u know hor?" ... started her SOP dear here, dear there .... started off by kissing .... my ... nice lips .... I like .... Cat "U so decent looking, smoke one ard? I like men who smoke, u know why?" ...shook my head, Cat "cos all their bad breath gone with smoking me" ... erm ... ha ha ha ...

cant take my hands off her skin .... so smooth ... shoulders, small boobs (actually ... its nearly an airport), flat abs, butt ... esp her thighs ...

Cat "Dear, why u never take off shorts?" ... I got abit mischievious "not u take off for me ard?" ... cindy "U so big, hard to take off" .... okie ... abit dun like me
she moved me down, started bbbj, hands moved to her wet .... hmm ... very cute le ... small small one like little girl like dat ... hands got naughty, tried to move in .."hands no enter please" ... opps, lost points again, hope I did not unsettle her

after bbbj, 69 a few min, SOP, started to ride me .... I tink less than 1 min later, SOP ... change position, want me be on top ... I dunno if the SOP and fake moaning was turning me off, started to lose steam liaoz .... pumped 1-2 min ... SOP, change position ... Cat "Dear, you know doggie?" ... I became mischievious again "I doggie, or u doggie?" ... Cat flipped "you doggie la, I use wat to stick u?"

so okie, go doggie .... by this time, the SOP n fake moans had taken its toll on mi .... or cos I'm having stomachaches today ... stick became soft liaoz ... Cat panicked somewhat, but still kept her good service ... "Soft liaoz, cannot enter ... never mind ..." started to lick my nipples and shake my stick vigorously ... became hard enuff to stick her ... by this time, I wasnt reilli enjoying the session liaoz, but I had to stick her from behind n release to make her feel good about herself ... hmm ... shes so skinny can see a piece of her spine sticking out ... okie I oso SOP, shot after 5 or so thrust ... u know, the leak type due to anit-climax, not the excited happy gush out fountain type ... smiled at cat

cat says she wash up first ok? i said okie ... man she takes a long time to wash .... got bored, started peeping at her ..."Eeks!! What u doing?" ... hmm, my earlier actions must hv unsettled her ... I was mischievious, asked "Noy u wash for me one ard?" ... Cat "Sorry, this place no such thing" .... really meh ... tink she doesnt like me

din bother to wash up, wore my shorts (din come much anyways, just a leak) ... took the money ... wait ... wait ... wait .... man, she really take hell of a time to wash up ... finally came out n got dressed ... hmm ... she wear her bra reversed ... thats a cute trick ... paid her, SOP kiss, I want paying much attention by now, walked out with her in room ... went to clean up n left

Well ... an unsatisfying first time .... but I'll try other ang pais to see if I m the one with overly high standards ... hee

Ratings (S,A,B,C grading of a gamer)

Face:B+ (prettiest part of her face is her eyes, like Huang hui)
Skin: A+ (Bloody smooth, wat does she use?)
Dress sense: A
Massage: B
Boobs: C (AA I tink, non-existent)
Figure: A (nice abs n thighs)
Bbbj: B (SOP)
Fj :B (SOP)
Service level: B+ (Tries hard to please but clearly unsettled by me)
GFE: B+ (if my gf was as SOP as her, i'll faint)
Overall FL rating: B+
Damage: 138
RTF: Maybe, if other ang pais are equally lousy... for her service ... lets hope she can make me cum the next time lor

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Bugis Health Centre-Michelle

First time doin a FR hope its ok for all...

Was coming from office in town, but traffic enroute was a crawl - may be because it was raining that y. Damn, the morning had been building up in tremulous anticipation of having a bonk with this much acclaimed elf. Furthermore, 1st time there, so got a little disorientated by the nearby massage parlour with PRCs trying to hook me in - nearly got conned into thinking it was BHC.

So after readin the forum decide to try michelle or cindy depend on my luck...

Reach the place ard 12 pm.. Told the reception that i want michelle.. Wow was lucky man.. no one book her.. gues it was my luck.. hehe..

The place was typically dark and dingy, but thankfully no dank odour. Made my way through the narrow corridor to room 10 - very small.

After change up... watch tv for a while then drink some coffee.. Then the time was up.. proceed to my room for my massge of course plus special loh...

2 min later... Knock on the door, Michelle's head popped in. Pretty in a lianish way with straight tresses. Big eyes but slightly large upper front teeth (some guys I know are turned on by this - to each his own).

Slim, with lovely smooth legs, and maybe around an A cup (sorry not good at seeing boob size). She was decked in a pink dress and the soft skirt material accentuated her legs very well. Massage not very good from my point of view cos like no strength one. She is very light - around 40 kg I would guess. At the same time, we made some small talk about swmimming and bench (she noticed I got tanned skin that y she asked loh..). she told me she cant swim well.. haha then i told me if she want i can bring her out to teach her.. then she laughed and smack my bum... haha

Anyway, after the massage, turned over and she popped the GQ, rattling off the menu with prices. Opted for full.

then she outdress her and porceed to the shower rm.. wash my didi.. wow that was shiok... Started off in the usual sequence, nipple nibble then down south, capped me then BJ. BJ was short and nothing to rave about, but she turned around so her pussy faced me. Was quite a turn on.She appeared wet but I suspected this was thanks to KY rather than natural juices. Bcos i feel that its was KY that y i didnt lick the pussy (Normally i will cos m a pussy lover). Anyway fingered her all the way and she reply with somewhat fake soft moans.

After a while, she stood up rather abruptly and in one quick single movement and then proceeded to guide me to a cowgirl. Talk about sheer efficiency. She rode me a while but could tell she was fairly tired (she was sniffing occasionally and seemed to have a cold), so I offered to switch to missionary. Couldn’t come in the missionary so she offered to switch back to doggy again after 5 minI finally unloaded.

wash up then after small chat i leave the room to take the cash to pay her liao...

Looks: 8/10
Boobs: 4/10 (Small i guess)
FJ: 6/10
BJ: 6/10

RTF: Unlikely service like normal onli nothing special.

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Bugis Health Centre-Jess

still on mod ..

do my part...Post FR... Up me if possible..

Last week , after my meeting with customer, feel horny ... and remember fortune ctr nearby. Went online Wireless@sg and surf sammyboy.

See Bugis HC is nearby. Went there at 4pm. Enter the door. saw receptionist, ask got pool boh? the recept say no .. only sanua .. a bit disappointed. The Bulldog is sitting beside me ...wahaha..

I say Massage straightaway.. allocated a room. As a newbie, i carried my school bag and stand in front of the room... (thinking back , i felt so stupid) as ppl walked past me wondering what i am doing , standing in front of the open room.

Then a lady appeared in dress and jacket.. asking me to go in...she intro herself as jess

I told her my first time so a bit lost.. she take the incentive to ask me to wash up and prepare a cup of tea ... i say i take coffee.. she immediately change for me when i was bathing..

When I come out of bathing , she is ready to massage.. we talk cock and i ask her stupid qns like how come no pool ....

she keep saying her massage is no good which i agree and this is not her specialty... then what is her specialty i ask after she say a few time... she say u want to try and give me a list with their prize... then i realised that was her special.

I say full set , of cse must try everything.. she started off with suck with cap.. i did ask to remove cap , she declined.. she sucked me hard , but very fast i soften ... that why i told her to blow longer or without cap.. she blow longer...

as she was blowing , i auto-roam ......

then she wanted me to start fj ... i say ok loh ..i request her to be on top ... which she agree ... i auto-roam and french kiss her while she is working hard on my stick...

feeling that may cum soon, i requested for change of position... I try doggie for some time , so that i can feel her boobs from other angle... and request to change position again when feel that i am cumming... finally i finish off with missionary postition..

She then cleaned me up and she go for a bath while i watch..then my turn to wash ...

after that , talk cock and kiss goodbye...

name: jess
Look: GF feeling 7/10
Boob: A
Voice Effect: OK .. at least reactive.
RTF= Probable.

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